UC/CSU GPA Questions

Are the UC/CSU GPA the same? I know that both follow the same A-G requirement system. What does it mean for it to be capped? Is the one calculated on the CSU application capped? The UC application does not show a calculated GPA total when you fill it out but the CSU does.

UC’s consider Unweighted UC GPA, Capped Weighted UC GPA and Fully weighted UC GPA.

UW uC GPA= No extra Honors points. Maximum is 4.0

Capped weighted UC GPA = 8 semesters of Honors points for qualified courses. Maximum is 4.4

Capped weighted UC GPA= CSU capped weighted GPA and only GPA considered by the Cal states.

Fully weighted UC GPA= unlimited Honors points for qualified courses. Maximum is 5.0.

Correct that the UC application does not show the UC GPA because they consider all 3.

For the UC’s and CSU’s, it is important to input the correct grades and courses on the applications.

The RogerHub UC GPA calculator can be used for both the UC and CSU GPA calculation.

Also this link will list your HS courses (if a California HS student) that qualify for the extra Honors points in the calculation.


Got it! Thank you so much for the explanation!

I will add the exception is CP SLO which uses 9-11. CP SLO also uses middle school courses (accelerated foreign language and math) during their review process. I also believe a slight variation for college classes—CSU: a semester grade in a college course is counted twice. I believe the UCs do not count the grade twice in the calculation.