UC Davis Biological Sciences Major Schedule Help

Hey guys,

So I just SIRed to UC Davis for Fall 2015 as a Biological Sciences (B.S.) major (I’m a transfer student), and I am concerned about the amount of coursework I should be taking each quarter. I will be complete the general biology series, general chemistry series, and organic chemistry series by the end of Spring 2015. I have taken 2 levels of calculus (the equivalence to the 21 series at Davis since that’s the only one available at my CC), and I have finished IGETC. I have only taken 1 level of general physics so far, so I will have to finish the last 2 physics courses at Davis (which I heard wouldn’t be an issue since it is not a prerequisite for any of the upper division science classes).

I was wondering if someone would be willing to walk me through which classes I would need to take for the next two years in order to finish in 2 years. I’m a little worried about being behind because of those 2 physics classes I have not completed yet.

I am aware that there is an upper division English class and Statistics class I would need to complete along with the other science classes, but I’m unsure of how to spread out the classes and which classes would be a manageable workload to take together. I am planning on talking to a Davis adviser once I get the chance, but I don’t see that happening any time soon, and I want to be prepared to sign up for the right classes when orientation comes. Please help!