UC Davis Biology?


<p>I was just wondering how good UC Davis’ biological sciences are. I’ve looked around the UC Davis’ and some articles on UCD, but I always hear about the great agricultural programs and stuff they have. (This was what I wanted to do when I applied, but I want to switch majors…o yeah, and how easy is it to switch majors?) Also, does anybody know how easy it will be for a freshmen to go into research in the biological sciences?</p>


<p>I believe Davis' biology programs are said to be among the best. Of course, I may have gotten that from the UC Davis website....</p>

<p>UC Davis has a medical school and has long been known for excellence in biological science, actually all the sciences. :)</p>

<p>Davis has a really good biology program. It'll be a little tough to get a research position in your very first year because other students get higher priority since they've had more education and experience. It shouldn't be too hard to get internships though.</p>

<p>Blacktiger; I am currently a biosci freshman at Davis, and I have to say that their program is pretty good. In your first year here, you'll be taking chemistry and calculus, and these classes, in my experience, are taught well. You will learn a lot if you put the effort in. I agree with verve on research; you'll probably have to wait to the middle of your sophomore year until you gain even experience in class to get a feasible research position, but internships are plentiful here. I hope these answered your questions; if you have any more questions, feel free to ask! =D</p>

<p>We are very committed to undergraduate research. Although I can't guarantee you a research position immediately there are several programs and support services to get you involved in research. If you plan to attend the Decision UC Davis, Campus program we plan to present many of the research opportunities available to undergraduate students.
Major changes are usually an easy process. However, some majors do require you to complete specific courses before they allow a change of major to occur.</p>

<p>Thanks for the reply guys!</p>


<p>Do you know what class experience we need to do research? Is there some class requirement we need to fulfill in order to get into research? The reason I'm asking is because I have completed a few UC transferable biology courses in my city college.</p>


<p>For the year 2006, the last year I could find info for, Davis is 14th in the nation, according to the National Science Foundation, in total R&D expenditures in the biological sciences. This is ahead of all other UC schools. As a biological sciences graduate I might be biased but I think of Davis as one on of the top schools in this field in the country. The university has spent quite a bit of cash on improving the facilities in the recent years and in talking to current students I get the impression they are quite satisfied with the level of instruction.</p>

<p>Blacktiger; I think it will depend on the type of research you want to do; the first step would be to find a few research positions you would like to pursue or apply for, and then see what kind of class requirements that they want, as they will vary from position to position.</p>