UC DAVIS- Contract for FALL 2010 - need advice

<p>So basically, i did poorly last quarter when i tried to change my major to engineering. I didn't enter the college as an engineering major, i entered as a biosci major however, later i decided to change my major to computer science and engineering. Originally, it was my parents idea because they weren't sure what i would do with a bio degree if i didn't get into med school so they convinced me to do engineering. I wasn't sure that's what I wanted but i still listened to them and started doing the prereq's but i had trouble giving it my all because i wasn't sure about what i wanted. As a result, i did poorly in math 21C and was on Academic Probation for spring 2010.
My college now wants me to meet with my adviser and have my next three quarters planned out for my new proposed major. </p>

<p>I have decided not to pursue engineering and want to pursue only computer science which is
only 98 units total as a major. I have already completed 32 of those units and i believe that if i work hard i can finish the remaining 66 by winter 2012. The only question i have in the process is that my college asked me to drop my engineering load for next quarter
i was planning to take:</p>

<p>FALL 2010:
ECS 40
MATH 22A</p>

<p>however, under my new plan as a cs major this is my planned courses:</p>

<p>FALL 2010:</p>

<p>ECS 40
STATS 32 </p>

<p>WINTER 2011:
ECS 50
ECS 60
STATS 131A</p>

<p>SPRING 2011:
CSE 120
MATH 115A</p>

<p>my total units should be: 35-36 so i might add an extra course for spring.</p>

<p>My questions are: if i present this plan to my adviser, will it seem like im not taking this seriously? Am i overloading myself? Will they take it as a reason to dismiss me from the university?</p>

<p>At this point my parents are very upset with me and although i suggested that i take a lighter load, they do not want to fund my education for longer than they have to so they want me to take classes related to my major only. As a result, the best alternative i can come up with is taking fewer units but classes pertaining to my major. I have given this a lot of thought and believe that i can in fact succeed in computer science. I have taken three courses in cs so far: java, c and another database language. I understand the basics very well now and believe that i can succeed because i want to learn the subject for myself and not just my parents. I hope that my current list of units isn't a poor choice. Any advice would be much appreciated.</p>