UC Davis CS Admission

My son has a 1500 in SAT, 3.7 UWGPA and 4.2 WGPA. Any chance of getting into CS

Capped weighted GPA or Fully weighted?

UC’s are test blind this admission cycle unless something changes so GPA will be a major factor. UCD Has CSE in the Engineering College and CS in L&S but besides GPA, what are his other qualifications? HS course rigor, EC’s, CS experience, awards?

Based on GPA alone, UCD is a likely school but not a guarantee.

he has a decent shot BUT - this year is going to be unpredictable due to the SAT shift and all of the gap year/deferrals from the last cycle, this year will be really unpredictable. Apply broadly and include more ‘safety’ schools than usual.

This is gong to be a wait and see year for lots of kids. UCSC, UCR, SDSU, CSULB, CPP, CPSLO (not a safety) and probably a couple of privates, USD, LMU and Santa Clara are all worth aps.

good luck

@Sana15 There are two different computer science degrees. One within the engineering department (CSE) and one outside the engineering department (CS).
My son got in to CSE last year via the waitlist (3.85 unweighted 10-11 GPA and 4.23 capped and weighted). Including and prior to last year, it was thought that UCD put more emphasis on GPA. This emphasis on GPA appears to be consistent with my sons experience because others on this forum who had significantly higher test scores but slightly lower GPA did not get in via the waitlist (at least they did not post on this forum that they were admitted).