UC Davis dormsDORMS question

I am accepted by UCD and I am planning to live on campus. And I really want to live in a single dorm instead of living w/ others. So how hard it is to get a single dorm? Does anyone know it?

Are you a Freshman or Transfer? Do you have any medical issues and disabilities?

They are limited by space such that they were putting triples in double rooms.
As per @Gumbymom, do you have a medically diagnosed disability?

There are very few singles but it is possible. They are more expensive than doubles which are more expensive than triples.

Have a back up plan. If you ask for a single and there are no more available, you will probably be put in a triple. Be prepared for that just in case.

I asked that question to the residential advisor today and she said that there are some, but not many. Preference is for those who have special needs.

Pretty hard to get. There’s a waitlist for single rooms this year. People have been waiting since October. It’s mostly luck. If you have accommodations, you’ll get priority.

What happens if I put all three options as single but just different area?

@MagicPenguin You can do that but if there are no singles available, they will give you a triple in whatever location is left over.

Oh yikes thanks!

@MagicPenguin we were told last year that there are more co-ed floors than single sex floors. If you really want a single, I would choose a co-ed floor (or say it doesn’t matter) and not choose a living learning community.

Ahh alright thanks for the input!