UC Davis Experience!

<p>Was anybody else invited to this? If so, are you going?
<a href=“http://admissions.ucdavis.edu/experience/”>http://admissions.ucdavis.edu/experience/</a></p>


<p>My S was not. I hope you go and report back. My son leaves tomorrow for the Aggie Student Weekend. I think he is excited. I hope you are too!</p>

<p>So far as I know my sons were not, but honestly, I’d better ask (it is possible one of them might have been). They got so used to ‘tuning out’ college emails, I think they still haven’t changed gears, sometimes.</p>

<p>I’m sure it is all still very intimidating. Then there’s Sr Ball, grad night, etc. The gears will begin to turn soon. </p>