UC Davis Fall 2021 Transfer Thread

I didn’t see a thread for UC Davis Transfers so I thought I’d make one so we can update each other on when decisions come out or anything else people want to use this for! Feel free to comment or ask whatever you like!


Yay!! Thanks for making this :slight_smile:


Anyone TAG?

No I didn’t, I tagged UCI!

yah I TAG’d for managerial Econ

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No, I’m transferring from another UC (UCSC)

Just want to let you know which you all may already be aware of that UC Davis based on the dates from last year will be letting students know ( Oh and it’s my son that applied as an Econ major and no he didn’t do the TAG program at his cc.) on April 16 or by April 16.


Thanks for letting us know! My daughter applied but didn’t TAG. She’s only heard from UC Santa Cruz so far (also no TAG).

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I heard that UC Davis would be coming out on April 22 this year. I’m not 100% sure but I did see that Ask Ms. Sun said that was the confirmed date.


OK. It was the education consultant that we used back when my son was still in high school and she texted me the other day those dates.

I wanted to put my stats on here for future reference; will reply with admission decision :grinning:

Major: Psychology
GPA: 3.4
Other: Prereqs all done! After a few bad semesters, I️ have been able to keep a straight A streak for a year now so hopefully, it’ll show I️ am making up for the GPA.

Good luck to everyone! It’s been a tough year but we’re still here


Did everyone receive this email?
“Our transfer experience is one-of-a-kind”

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yeah i got it too. I think it’s just a general email

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yup, i got it too!

has anyone received any emails about scholarships from Davis?? I only got emails from UCI and UCLA

Back in January (specifically January 27th) I was notified by email that I was eligible to apply for the Regents Scholarship. Thats the only thing I’ve heard from Davis about scholarships. Hope this helps!

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ahhh okay I don’t qualify for that lol

Do you know how you can qualify for that?

You have to be invited to apply for Regents at UC Davis.

What are the qualities they look for specifically is what I’m asking.