UC Davis Fall 2021 Transfer Thread

Thank you!!

Hi! When are the decisions coming out?

April 22


Thank you!

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Oooo so not this week, ok, thank you for this info! Any chance you may know when those of us who also applied to UC Merced as transfers could hope to hear back??

I hear that Merced is on a rolling basis that started in mid to late March through the end of April. You should be hearing back soon!

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Oh okay, cool, thank you!

Anyone know when regular admissions will be released? I was approved for TAG last November, but I’d also like to know of my regular decision.

People were saying the 22nd but no one really knows

I’m pretty sure Davis already confirmed the 22nd

I think so too

Oh really? I didn’t know that well I’m glad we finally have a set day unlike the others

I wish we would hear back today :tired_face:

There’s already too much today :sneezing_face:

Wait who’s releasing today?

nothings confirmed but possibly ucla and maybe even ucsd.

UCI allegedly

oh, what? where did you find this information? would love to know at least one school before the weekend lol

it’s possible that ucla and ucsd come out today but not confirmed

My tag was accepted and in the contract it says I need to have Calc 2 and Calc 3 completed by Fall 2020, but on my tag coursework they can see I have calc 2 scheduled fall 2020 and calc 3 scheduled for spring 2021.
They see I have calc 3 planned for spring but still accepted it?
Should I be worried?