UC Davis Fall 2022: Transfer Thread

Hi There! My CC daughter applied to UC Davis via the TAG and was accepted. Only 9 more units to go this spring. Assuming that transfer decisions come the exact same time as freshmen? While on the one hand it seems more or less like a formality, we’re poised and at the ready because she wants on-campus housing and I hear that it can fill up quickly.

Assuming that Picnic Day is for xfer students as well as incoming freshmen. That sounds like an absolute blast, and I think we’ll make hotel reservations ASAP so we’re not forced to stay in Vacaville (not that there’s anything wrong w/Vacaville, but we want the full-on Davis experience)!

I have moved your question to a new Thread for UC Davis Transfers. Transfer decisions are posted in April so as soon as she gets her decision, if the housing application is open then she can apply.

Not to step on @lkg4answers toes, I will try to answer question.

Picnic day is open to the public and if you want the full-on Davis experience, I suggest you stay at the Hyatt Place on the UC Davis campus if you are able to get reservations. I would probably book now and just cancel if you change your mind.

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Apologies for that, and thanks for shifting my question to the transfer thread. I’ll look to book the hotel right now.

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You would never step on my toes. :blush:

Congratulations to your daughter @Damon389

I think Hyatt Place and the hotels in downtown Davis have been sold out for Picnic Day weekend for quite some time. However, Hyatt opened a Hyatt House just across the freeway on Cowell and it looks like they still have rooms available that weekend.

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Have your daughter check out the local wiki Davis page for local information. Davis - LocalWiki

Also, you can walk over to the Housing Office to check her transfer housing.

Have fun!
Attaching Crepeviile info:

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According to Transfer Students Housing Program | UC Davis Student Housing and Dining Services

UC Davis guarantees housing for two years to all incoming first-year transfer students for the 2021-2022 academic year!

She can email the housing office to check, but hopefully that guarantee will be offered for this fall’s transfers

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My understanding is that housing applications are not even reviewed till after the SIR date for UC Davis, so it will probably not matter when she applies as long it is by the deadline. I always advocate the sooner the better, just in case.

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Aggie Experience Live for transfer students is on Friday, May 13 this year. The website states that it will be live, followed by a month of virtual activities.

This is from last year but it will give you an approximation of the timing for when housing offers updates to transfer students. Aggie Experience Live! | UC Davis Student Housing and Dining Services

The Green at West Village just opened this year. It offers apartment style dorms for sophomores and 1st year transfer students. Note that Sol is also in West Village but it is managed by a private management company and not the university.

West Village is not on campus. There is a bus that shuttles students to and from campus but this year they have experienced staffing issues and the buses have been running on a reduced schedule. Biking to campus is more difficult from West Village as it is farther away. They are in the process of constructing new bike lanes and walking corridors. It looks like the goal is to finish by summer.

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did anyone just get a regents scholarship invite? does this get sent out to everyone?

email starts like:

"Dear Student,

Greetings from UC Davis Financial Aid and Scholarships. Our records show you have applied for transfer admission consideration to UC Davis for fall 2022. We are honored UC Davis is a preferred choice and, if admitted, you may be eligible for the Regents Scholarship."

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Me and all my friends who applied to Davis got it. I think everybody gets it tbh.

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For transfers, you have to apply for the Regents scholarship at UC Davis.

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Oh okay. So it’s not like cal where you have to be invited to apply?

For UC Davis, you have to apply for the scholarship and does not require an invite.

Amount: $7,500 a year.
UC Davis is the only UC where you must apply for a Regents
Letter of Recommendation required.
Notification of winners sent mid-to-late April.

My son was also accepted via TAG to UC Davis, but I gather the formal acceptances (assuming all TAG conditions are met) come out in April. He will be living off campus with his girlfriend who is already a Sophomore at Davis so we’re securing an apartment now (they go fast off campus but they are #1 on a waitlist at one place so we feel pretty good about it at present).

I’ll have to ask him if he got any emails about the Regents because he hasn’t mentioned it. He has like a 3.7 GPA at his cc (History major), so not sure how competitive he would be for Regents.

Well he did get the Regents invite so he’ll be working on that shortly. Anyone know what the 3 essays required for that are about?

CCC transfer student here. Is it true I won’t here anything until mid April? I do not have TAG.

Yes, UCD Transfers hear in April. April 22 was when last years decisions were posted.

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Creating a thread for UCD transfer applicants.

TAG students have already been notified of acceptances.

Transfer student housing info can be found here: Transfer Students Housing Program | UC Davis Student Housing and Dining Services


Any idea when UCD Transfer applicants will be notified for Fall 2022?