Uc Davis - Post Here If You Think You Are Going!

<p>Wanted to start a thread for anyone who thinks they may choose UC Davis if they got in. I live in southern California and I'm pretty sure that's the school I'm going to choose.</p>

<p>90% that I might matriculate and I have a stronger preference on UCD over UCI or UCSB (I haven't got word from the latter two but I hope I got in just for the warm, fuzzy feeling) and the other 10% is reserved if I got into some big east coast schools that I also applied (but not to sure of getting in though).</p>

<p>Advantage....where do you live now? Northern or Southern Cal?</p>

<p>Out of State (NY) but my father (and the rest of my family) lives in NorCal...</p>

<p>Oh wow! So you can get residency status in California since your father lives here? I have never been to New York and have always wanted to go.</p>

<p>For tuition I get in-state benefits but admissions I was an Out of State.</p>