UC Davis Recind

<p>My friend got into UC Davis but in the Spring his grades were B, B- and C+. His overall gpa fell to 2.79. </p>

<p>Is he on grounds to be kicked out?</p>

<p>If so, since he's taking a summer course, if he gets a B, B+, A- or A, it'll raise his over gpa back to 2.8, will they count his summer course?</p>

<p>No, you need Ds to be rescinded.</p>

<p>He's fine.</p>

<p>The GPA is to be concerned about. In the conditions of admissions it should state "... overall cumulative transferable grade point average of at least 2.80 ..." unless the students was changed because of pre-approved agreement. If the student is concerned have them report the grades through the MyAdmissions site.</p>