UC Davis tag question

So my tag got accepted for UC Davis in fall 2021 and my gpa was 3.26 for assist certified course. However I had a bad semester for fall 2021 and my gpa dropped to 3.17. My questions is that does UC Davis look at Fall 2021 gpa or do I have time to bring it back up in Spring 2022 to 3.20. I know I can bring it back up however I’m terrified if they do consider fall gpa.

The contract states:


You had a UC-transferable GPA of 3.26 when your UC Davis TAG was signed. You must maintain a GPA of 3.20 or higher for all UC-transferable units taken prior to transfer enrollment.

All courses in progress/planned, in addition to the required courses noted below, must be completed with grades of “C” or higher, unless otherwise specified, by the end of your spring 2022 term. To achieve the minimum overall UC-transferable grade point average required, you may need to achieve higher than “C” grades.”

“Major Course(s) Required:

You must complete the following required course(s) to achieve a minimum grade point average of 2.50 for each of three selective major course group series. Courses must be taken for a letter grade with no grade less than “C” (unless otherwise specified) by the end of the spring 2022 term.

BIOL 210B with a grade of “C” or better”

According to the TAG GPA information:

The cumulative TAG GPA’s must be held steady through the end of the final CCC term.

If you are concerned, I would contact UCD admissions for clarification. You will be submitting a TAU with your Fall grades this month.

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I contacted the advisor for UCD in my college and he said that I still have time to bring my GPA up in spring 2022 however I contacted UCD undergrad and they said fall grades will matter. I’m so confused.

here is a list of the contacts for Davis TAG at California CCs. Did you talk to the two people associated with your CC?

however I contacted UCD undergrad and they said fall grades will matter.

What did you ask them? Your issue isn’t answered by a sentence using the words “will matter”. It’s a yes/no question. You needed to ask something very specific like “will my TAG still be valid if my overall gpa after I submit the TAU drops to 3.17 but I raise it above 3.20 by the end of spring?”

I contacted one of the people, the one who has their email up there and he confirmed the Spring 2022 gpa requirement. I wish they made it more apparent on the contract if they wanted consistent GPA.

Also she wasn’t willing to answer if my TAG will be valid or not. She didn’t want to give me that information.

The advisor, at your current college doesn’t have the final word since he doesn’t work at Davis; the undergrad admissions office does.
They will consider Fall grades but you should stick to the letter requirements. Bring it up to 3.2 or better.

This is your saving grace: grades of “C” or higher.
As long as your grades are “C” or higher, you should be good to go.
Contact admissions to be sure.

Good Luck and Congratulations on your acceptance!

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The person who confirmed that Spring '22 GPA matters wasn’t a cc representative but a TOP coordinator from UCD, so basically a UCD admissions advisor. Thats why I’m so confused.