UC Davis vs. SDSU

i am having teouble decidinf between these two schools. i am an aspiring veterinarian!


  • animal science major
  • variety of classes
  • veterinary school advantage
  • “college” experience (dorming,meeting new people)
  • will find interships/opportunities
  • great undergrad for vet school
  • KNOWN for prestige in animal sciences
  • worked hard for this spot
  • COWS !!!


  • distance, (524 miles away from home)
  • location , i prefer city life
  • never been up north
  • competition for vet school
  • less flexible major (if i dont become a vet i am not interested in nutrition, meat production etc.)
  • homesickness (im very family oriented)
  • no car
  • mental health (anxiety, stress, loneliness)
  • DISTANCE … i dont want to move.


  • location! i love san diego and im so happy here
  • bio (zoology) major is more flexible
  • can find volunteer opportunities at San Diego Zoo / Humane Society SD
  • pre vet club
  • comfortable w location & familiar w people
  • own apartment
  • own car
  • can balance “work & play”
  • familiar w campus and have connections already


  • its my safety school, not my “dream” school
  • doesnt have as much class variety as animal science major
  • sdsu is not known for science , mostly buisness
  • again, it isn not a science school - i visited campus numerous times and the science building felt kind of lonely
  • worried that the UC title outweighs CSU title
  • little chance to get into davis vet school according to stats ( 30+ kids got in from davis only 1 came from sdsu)
  • less “hands on” w animals

i have only visited sdsu as i am a local, i plan on visiting uc davis soon. as of now, all the prestige is coming from websites , not actual experience on campus. i have no idea what i want and the pros and cons of each school keep mixing me up. Does undergrad matter THAT much for vet school? im sure a UC > CSU in applications… but are academics more important than my mental health?
if i work my ass off at state, will i be on the same tier as someone who graduated from davis? or if i risk it all at davis, and not make it into vet school?
im only 17, i think too far into the future and i want to be happy now, but not regret it in the future.