UC Davis vs UC Irvine

Hey, I somehow got into both Irvine and Davis and I can’t decide between the two. I’m planning on majoring in physics but I’m not 100% I’ll stick with it so I want a school that’s good at a lot of things. I hear that Irvine is a commuter school which is a little disheartening and it’s a bland area while Davis is in a town that is basically made for the college. I believe Irvine is ranked higher for physics but Davis spends more than double what Irvine does on research. Irvine is closer to all the colleges in socal that my friends are going to but the area the actual school is in kinda seems sad and lonely. I can’t really decide, can someone give their input?

Have you visited both schools? If not, you need to visit, talk with some students, check out the Physics department and the surrounding area. Hopefully after visiting, the choice will be more obvious. Either way, you are going to get a very good education so just try of find the best fit for you.

Also remember that where you go for Undergrad will not define, but what you do with the opportunities you are given.