UC Davis Young Scholars 2018

Accepted. But on the home page, I received 0 in awards in reductions. Is it like this for anybody else? I sent in my tax forms. Will be really disappointed if it isn’t updated…

@carbonnanotube Go to “My account”

@carbonnanotube https://ysp.ucdavis.edu/user

edit: nvm dumb question… I really hope I can appeal the financial aid. Probably not gonna be able to go. yiiikes

@carbonnanotube No, I believe it’s separate!

It includes the deposit

Anybody know if the fee includes meals?
edit: lmao im an idiot. it says room & board

@carbonnanotube It includes the deposit??? Huh???

page 2

kinda unclear wording though

Someone tell me why I can’t see the results TT

@Ymochi it should be on the home page right after you log in
maybe try logging in again?

rejected :frowning:

Did anyone get accepted but they are not gonna do it?

I was accepted and waiting on a couple other programs.

Does anyone know how hard it is to get off the wait list? I don’t know whether to consider other programs and take waitlisted as a rejection because I would really like to go here.

@akv123 I’m not sure… I’m on the waitlist as well. I’m guessing that since we (as waitlisted applicants) are probably a minority, we may be able to go if a few successful applicants deny the offer. The UC Davis YSP isn’t as well-known as COSMOS and MIT Launch X, so I’m sure some applicants who got accepted to other major programs will choose them instead. Anyway, hope we can both go!

Yes… I heard the waitlist was pretty big…maybe 40 people? And they usually take 10 ?

Oddly enough, they didn’t ask for anything other than class rank or GPA, stats-wise. So they probably weighed essays, activities, and teacher recommendations the most. @mosescuh

OMG. I can’t believe I got in. I am so average!
I have a question: If I am getting driven, where and when do I get there?

When do waitlisted people get notified? It’s past April 11th already and nothing has changed. Do they mean we will get notified if something changes AFTER the 11th?