UC Davis Young Scholars 2018

Applying to the program, because it seems like a superb opp to do some independent research over the summer! Anyone else applying?

Or, has anyone attended in the past and would like to share their experience?

I’m in the process of applying like 5 days before the deadline!

What’s that english certification letter?

@platypusomelette No idea, I’m guessing it only applies to international applicants? Program sounds amazing, so I’m super thrilled. But, ugh, I think I’m gonna be so disappointed when I get that reject, haha. Best of luck to both of us!

any alumni care to share how generous they are with financial aid? i realize this is a touchy topic for some, but i’m just wondering if i can afford it if i get in… 6,500 is way too much…

@carbonnanotube I was thinking the same thing… As thrilled as I would be to get accepted, I’m not even sure if my parents will be able to afford it…

Does anyone know when successful applicants will get notified? I’m guessing late-April, but if anyone knows the exact date, please tell me! Thanks!

@JP6201 The email said “by April 11”! :slight_smile:

what email? could you screenshot?

edit: sorry, forgot they sent a confirmation email lol. i had a mini heart attack

@carbonnanotube THEY ARE COMING OUT TOMORROW…!!! I can’t even, ahahhaha.

@carbonnanotube Hey, I was logged on to the website and I noticed something funny. I sent you a PM, could you check it please? :))) Thanks!!!

How do you know that they’re coming out tomorrow?

its on the homepage

Results coming in exactly one hour! Good luck everyone!

!!! gl guys :slight_smile:

I’m so nervous, phew… Let’s keep each other posted on results, ahhhh!

me too yikes…!!

accepted :’)