UC Davis Young Scholars Program

Hi all,

I received notice of my acceptance to the UCD YSP program this morning (40 spots for a record breaking 500 applicants β€” whoa) and I would like to hear about it from someone who has attended in the past before I commit to going. What was the schedule like? What kind of facilities did you have access to/what were you able to do in your free time? Was it very stressful? Was it fun? Was it worth it? Basically, anything and everything you can tell me :joy:

Thank you!

Congratulations! I just got rejected:( Could you share some of your profile and the topic of your essays? Thanks!

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Bump!! Any other admits? :slight_smile:

Hey! I was also accepted. Could you DM me? I can’t DM since I’m new here (I think u need 15 posts to DM).