UC Davis YSP 2015

Results for UCD YSP 2015 are out! Who else got in? Would you mind posting your stats?

Also, I have some questions/concerns for the program. Are 3 meals a day covered within the $6200? And also, is the program worth the 6k? I’m not sure how prestigious it is. I would really like to submit my research into SIEMENS or Intel STS; would this program provide research fit to submit?

Also, I am debating between UCD YSP, BU RISE, or ASSIP. Does anyone have any tips on which one to choose? Which one is most prestigious or has the best program?

My D did YSP a few years ago. The meals are included in the program. She had a wonderful experience with the program - the research skills she learned are top notch. Her roommate at YSP attended BU RISE the previous summer and while she liked it, she always recommended YSP over BU RISE to all that would ask. YSP is a very well run program, and my D really enjoyed her experience there. I don’t know about prestige, but if you want to pursue bench research, this program is well worth the money!

theboss123 do you know if ysp projects can be submitted into research competitions like intel or siemens?