UC Davis YSP 2018

Can someone tell me why I can’t see my results for UC Davis YSP??/

Log in and the message should be on the first page that shows up.

Does anyone know how hard it is to get off the wait list? :// I don’t know whether to consider other programs and take waitlisted as a rejection.

Wait did you guys already get your decisions? I’m confused; I didn’t get anything ?

It’s hard to believe I got in. Really humbled by this.

@winterton Congrats! You will love the program. Rick (Dr. Pomeroy) is really cool.

I can almost assure you that many of the 40 accepted will not be able to go. I don’t know how many waitlist spots there are though, and if it’s ranked or not

I cannot believe I got accepted. I am super average!

I have a quick question: Does anyone know when and where we are supposed to go if I am getting driven there? Do I meet up at the Davis AMTRAK/Bus Depot?