UC Decision dates Fall 2007

<p>Anyone know the dates for transfer students? From what I have gathered...</p>

<p>UCSB March 15- May 1st mailed
UCB April 30th available online
UCI March 1st rolling basis (i think this was last years date)
UCLA May 1st rolling basis
UCSD March 15-April 30th
UCSC ?</p>

<p>I am not sure these are even right, so please feel free to correct me.</p>

<p>I believe UCR decision already came out back in 2/1.</p>

<p>Is Uci coming out tomorrow? I know one person who was already accepted last friday.</p>

<p>Yea, UCI's decisions are coming out. I got mine the 22nd.</p>

<p>so uci updates in the morning? or at midnight like ucr did?</p>

<p>According to UC Irvine website "During March admission notifications are posted prior to 9:00 a.m. No admission status changes will occur for the remainder of the day"</p>

<p>Does UCI start sending out the admission notification from those applicants that apllied earlier in last november?</p>

<p>I believe that UCI doesnt do the rolling admission.! But UCR does!</p>

<p>I turned in my application online about 12 hours before the close. I submitted my update about a week before the close.</p>

<p>I think right now they are just letting the clearly accepted people know they have been admitted.</p>

<p>I submitted my app like 4 hours before the deadline and i found out today so did my friend.</p>

<p>UC Davis plans to start releasing transfer decisions March 15th and they will continue to be released through the month of April. Please note that there is no particular order to decisions being released. If you do not receive your decision March 15th it doesn’t mean that you were or were not selected for admissions.</p>

<p>Submitted my app on nov. 29th and my update on feb. 8th. Got my e-mail from UCI on march 15th. I guess the update plays the part of when you get the acceptance letter provided you're above par. </p>

<p>Merely speculation though but it seems like the update should play a role being that it is used in the selection process.</p>

<p>Hey UCD Admissions, tell your friends at Berkeley and LA to do rolling admissions. :D</p>

<p>15th? i meant 1st lol..</p>

Hey UCD Admissions, tell your friends at Berkeley and LA to do rolling admissions.


<p>good idea! :D</p>

<p>quick question, what does rolling basis mean?</p>

<p>Rolling basis means the person who applied first gets their application reveiw first.</p>

<p>oh thanks for responding. </p>

<p>well doesn't seem like UCI is rolling basis since a lotta folks including me have received their acceptance and didnt even submit their app toooo early once the app was open</p>

<p>Quick question. When you guys say that rolling basis means that it goes off of who applied first; just to be clear, its applied first not updated first right?</p>

<p>^ not sure, but my original post was wrong, heres another one.</p>

<p>Davis: March 15-April 30
San Diego: March 15-April 30
Santa Barbara: March 17-April 30
Santa Cruz: March 15-April 30
Los Angeles: April 26- May 1
Berkeley: April 30
Irvine: March 1-April 30
Merced: March 1-March 31
Riverside: March 1-April 30</p>

<p>Everyone is postin' the UCLA decisions as: "Los Angeles: April 26- May 1" as a time frame. I just emailed them and they responded with an automated message stating:
? Transfer applicants: we will mail decisions to transfer applicants on a rolling basis beginning in early May.</p>

<p>I hope its rolling basis</p>