UC Denver- How good is it/reputation?

I actually already attend (sophmore) but there wasn’t a forum for this school. For people who both live in Colorado and out of state, what is the reputation of it? Is it regarded as a decent state school or a low school that anyone can get into? (The US News and report rankings say it has a 68% admission rate but I don’t think that’s too accurate. University of Denver, according to them, has a higher rate but is much harder to get into unless you’re rich).

I am a geography major at UCD and I always have the thought that CU Denver (along with MetroState, which is literally on the same campus) were the schools that anyone can get into. As a result, employers won’t prefer these graduates. (However, CU Denver medical campus is good, I’ve heard. Along with their accounting program).

I chose this school so I can still live at home and work downtown (where I currently work). Is it just my initial impression/other’s that makes me think UCD is a “anyone gets in” school? I’d appreciate your thoughts :slight_smile:

I live in Colorado- I wouldn’t say that absolutely anyone gets in, but I definitely thought it had higher than a 68% acceptance rate. Definitely easier to get in than DU, or at least I thought so. But I don’t think of it as a “bad” school at all! :slight_smile: