UC Diversity

<p>I'm caucasian and Ive heard there's a high proportion of asians in the uc system especially irvine. I have nothing against asians but i was wondering what experiences non asian uc students had with this- do you feel left out/excluded ever because you are a non asian? does the asian population affect academic competitiveness? or do you think its like a positive thing and you have enjoyed learning about other cultures?
also do races intermingle or do they kind of seperate? in my high school people hung out in like little race groups and that always kind of bothered me because people think its weird if you want to be friends with people from other groups. does that happen at your uc?</p>

<p>I had a very diverse group of friends at Berkeley. It depends on you though. I do think that some asian groups tend to "stick together"...for example, during my tenure in Berkeley's ChemE department, the Vietnamese students most always studied together.</p>