UC ELC Calculation

<p>I was wondering how the UCs calculate their ELC GPAs. I'm confused because when I went to the UC website it said that they used "uncapped" GPAs and weight honors/AP courses...does this mean that they weight ALL honors/APs (provided that they are "UC approved honors courses"?) I was under the impression that they only weighted 4 honors classes - which is how you calculate a UC GPA. Is there a different process for calculating the ELC GPA...and if so can anyone explain it to me?</p>

<p>One more thing...I took a UC approved Community College class over the summer and recently had it transferred onto my high school transcript. THis should also count towards my ELC GPA, right? At least that's what the website says!</p>

<p>Thanks so much! =) (sorry my post is so long!)</p>

<p>According to the website...</p>

<p>Honors Points</p>

<p>The ELC program awards a bonus point for UC-certified honors courses. UC-approved honors courses are underlined and are marked with a yellow star on the high school's Doorways course list. All honors courses are used in calculating the GPA (in other words, the ELC program uses a weighted, uncapped GPA).</p>

<p>All AP courses are considered UC-approved honors courses whether they appear on the Doorways course list or not. Community college courses (except for algebra 1 and 2, geometry, and trigonometry) are considered UC honors courses if they are on the ASSIST course list for the community college.</p>

<p>ELC is calculated by HS, based on UC's gpa calc for UC-approved a-g academic courses (no health, PE, auto shop). For purposes of top 4% only, they weight every honors/ap/IB course. And, unlike admissions criteria which caps bonus points at 8 semesters-worth, the the ELC calc is uncapped. The major difference is the cap of bonus points... i.e, the max bonus points you can receive is on 4 full year classes, no matter how many honors/ap courses you take. Thus, for kids with lotsa honors/ap/IB, their elc gpa will be higher than their admissions gpa.</p>

<p>Yes, if the cc class is added to your transcript, it counts as well, (assuming its an academic course).</p>

<p>Thanks bluebayou! That helps a lot! I was confused because I thought they'd to the ELC just like they do their regular admissions GPA.
So the community college class will be counted? According to their website any class that's on that ASSIST list (?) will be counted and I clicked on the link and the class I took was on the list. I took an Art class (Art 130)..so it will still be weighted even if it's not "academic" right?
Thanks again for your help! =)</p>