Uc elc - what does this mean for chances at ucla and cal

I just found out that I qualify as ELC and rank in the top 9% of the applicants to the UC system for my school (thru the UC Application). I go to a semi-competitive Bay Area school (not extremely competitive like Harker or Monta Vista, but much harder than an average school would be). I have pretty good ECs, and I really liked 3 out of my 4 essays, the other was ok imo. Does this mean that I have good chances at UCLA or Berkeley?

@kidcudiisthegoat Can you tell me how you found out?

yeah, so you log into your uc application (where you actually submitted it) and scroll down to the bottom. there should be something that says view how your application is reviewed; click on that and if you are elc, it will say there. This is only for in state students tho.

ELC is only one area of criteria that the UC’s use to review applicants. What is Very important is your UC GPA’s, HS course rigor and your PIQ’s.

my uc gpa is around a 4.5. i’ve taken a decent amount of honors and AP courses at my school and have also taken courses outside of school. I would say my senior year course load is really challenging as well. For my PIQs, I think 3 of them are really strong, and one is okay. Do you think I have a good shot?

If we don’t see ELC on the UC Application, does it weigh negative in UC admissions?

Both are Reach schools with acceptance rates in the teens. Few students have a good shot. You look competitive but that is all I can say plus you will find out very soon.

Best of luck.

Thank you!

@Gumbymom I wonder why they are not including statewide top 9% anymore. It used to not matter how u qualified as long as you qualified one way or the other. I understand lots of kids were not able to take a standardized test which would determine statewide context but for those of them who did were and qualified that way like my son (UC app does not mention he qualified ELC but does say he did for statewide path) it doesn’t seem fair. Do you think UCs will weight them equally as in prior years?

Statewide ELC is still a consideration since the information is posted on the UC website, however I do not know why only the ELC local is specifically listed in the application review and when it changed.

  1. I do know that up until 5 years ago, some of the ELC students were referred to UCR as well as UCM. My niece happened to be one of them and she was statewide ELC not local.

  2. Data that I was able to find on the UCM website, shows a large drop in the # of ELC referrals where there used to be 6-12,000/year, there is now around 1200 which means that UCM no longer has room for as many referrals as in years past or that only Local ELC’s are being referred, not the Statewide? and the referrals are on a space availability basis.

  3. The students HS must participate in the ELC program to get the ELC designation.

Sorry I cannot be more help.

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@Gumbymom I thought I understood from previous comments that the UC Application was showing either/both Statewide and Local Context designation. Can you clarify if that is true or not true?

Also, is there a website where we can see if our HS (private) takes part in ELC?


You were helpful. I’m thinking they want to see how kids stack up amongst their peers within the constraints of their local environment. This shows how they have performed with the opportunities they’ve been given.

I had one son that was Local ELC which showed up on the UC application and one son that was Statewide ELC which did not show up on the UC application. However, since they applied, the UC application was reformatted so I no longer have access to determine if both ELC’s will show up, so I am relying on CC posters that have a student with the Statewide ELC for information.

I would ask the Guidance Counselor at your HS if they participate in ELC. I am not aware of a HS listing for ELC.

I also had one of each. Statewide did not appear on the application but local did.

Statewide shows up on the app.

Image 3-8-21 at 3.16 PM|583x108

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@jntwinmama: Thank you for the information and the screen shot.

@lkg4answers Is that for this year? I ask, because they reference test scores, which I thought weren’t being used this year.

I am not sure. My boys did submit test scores although I know they could not consider them for admission. There was a spot on the app for them so they filled it in. They took the ACT before the pandemic.

Test scores are not being used for admission purposes but can be used to determine Statewide ELC. Not sure they are even considering it since many students were unable to take the SAT or ACT.

A son of a friend of mine has the exact same message as in the screenshot a few posts back. This is for this year, and he took the ACT. My son has the message about being in the top 9% in his school. So both are being considered.