UC Financial Aid question

Hi, I was recently admitted to UCD, UCB, and UCSB.
For UCSB and UCD, when I check my financial aid status, the schools themselves are providing me around $6000 (University Grant from Davis) or $5000 (UCSB scholarship). However, when I check my UCB Cal Central portal, it seems like I’m not getting any financial support from UCB at all. Is it because I’m not qualified enough at UCB? or is it not updated yet? Sorry I have no knowledge on this and I would really appreciate if someone could answer. Thank you for reading.

What is your. Fafsa EFC??? The other uc aid may be merit.

@mom2collegekids I believe our EFC is the very low level there is. I believe it is merit also does that mean I’m not qualified enough for Berkeley merit financial award?

In. Another thread, you said that ucb thinks youre OOS…that’s why you didn’t get aid. On Monday you need to get that fixed. Sounds like ucb has made this mistake a few times…

@mom2collegekids I will do that. Thank you.