Uc Gpa

Can someone tell me if UC certified honors courses in 10th grade count towards UC GPA??
thank you

<p>Yes they do. 10th and 11th grade grades + a maximum of 8 points from certified honors or ap classes.</p>

<p>one more question is the UC GPA the only thing they look at or do they look at HS GPA. Do freshman year grades count??

<p>they look at freshman year grades but they don't count it into their gpa. they don't look at your highschool gpa since everything is self-reported online (u dont send the transcript unless u matriculate)</p>

<p>cool thanks a lot</p>

<p>I don't understand the 8 point max thign for honors courses in the UC GPA. Ok, so i'm taking all honors and AP's this year, how many extra points can i add on every semester for honors/ap courses?</p>

<p>You can only add a total of 8 points no matter how many AP/IB classes you have. That is 8 semesters/4 units. So if you take 4 AP classes or 10 AP classes, the total number of pts. added is the same. That doesn't mean they won't look at what you have taken, but they are trying to create a level playing field for those who attend hs that only offer a few AP classes.</p>

<p>I think it's easier if you fill out a cal state application at csumentor.com and it'll basically gives you your uc gpa.(they do all the work for you in calculating your UC gpa, but you do need to know if it is uc honors or ap approved for an extra point) you don't have to submit the application but at least you won't be struggling.</p>