Uc Gpa

<p>How do i calculate my UC GPA? The a-g course requirement points divided by the number of terms I took?</p>

<p>Not that simple: You do not count freshman grades at all. For the a-g courses after freshman year, first eliminate all plusses and minuses, to them a B is a B and plus or minus is not calculated. Then convert each semester grade to a grade point, A=4, B=3, etc.Add up the total for each semester and then add the totals for all semesters together. Now add an additional point per semester for each honors and AP course where you got a C or higher but add no more than 8 points because that is the max addition allowed for honors and AP so if you took all AP's and honors, it is likely you won't be able to add points for some of them. Moreover, no more than 4 of those points can come from sophomore year courses. Now you have a grade point total. Now add up the total number of semester courses you had (e.g., if you took 5 a-g courses per semester in sophomore and junior year, the number will be 20 since you do not have first semester senior year grades yet). Divide your grade point total by the total number of semester courses to get your UC GPA.</p>