UC GPAs: Unweighted vs. Capped Weighted vs. Uncapped Weighted

I understand that the UCs consider all three GPAs when evaluating a prospective student’s application. Do they all have equal weight and does how they consider them vary from campus to campus?

All UC campuses are allowed to use their discretion in weighting 14 areas of admission criteria (minus test scores this year) when evaluating applicants for admission including the 3 UC GPA’s. So unless you work in admissions, no one really knows although UCB and UCLA do post their unweighted and fully weighted UC GPA admission stats on their website. Other UC campuses will list the capped weighted UC GPA data.

On the UCOP website, only the capped weighted UC GPA is listed for admission statistical data.

The UC capped weighted GPA is also used for UC eligiblity since there is a minimum GPA required to apply to the UC’s: 3.0 for in-state and 3.4 for OOS/International.

So a bit of a mystery. Thank you. I appreciate your knowledge.