UC Irvine advertising apply online and select as first choice

Hi, hoping someone might know the answer.

On the UCI webpage under admissions and how to apply it is highlighted ‘Apply online and be sure to select UCI as your first choice’.

I thought they got rid of being able to rank the UC campuses in order of choice a few years ago? Am I wrong or is this back? I haven’t seen anywhere to do this on the general application (although admittedly my daughter is still working through the personal insight questions).

Anyone with any insight would be much appreciated!

Unless something has drastically changed for this admission cycle, there is no ranking of the UC’s on the UC Application. Perhaps the UCI statement is “clickbait”.

Interesting! Yes, I wonder if it is clickbait too, but that statement seems really strange.

Looking at the app, I don’t see any way to rank the campuses on the general application. The app simply allows you to choose the campuses and majors. The only ranking that I see is for the UCSD colleges.

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Ah, yes of course. It could be just very cleverly worded! It caught me out!


Just looked over the UC application guide for this year and there is no indication that you can rank the UC campuses. The only ranking are the Residential colleges at UCSD as mentioned by @tamagotchi.

What is interesting is on the Common Data set for UCI, an applicant’s level of interest is not considered which is true for all the UC’s.

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I can’t seem to find what you are looking at. I have an ad blocker installed so that may be why.

Are you looking here? https://uci.edu/

On this page: How to Apply | Office of Undergraduate Admissions | UCI

Thanks. It still doesn’t show up for me. It was likely blocked by the ad blocker which means it is an ad. :grin:

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I have an ad blocker up, but it still showed up for me.

Thanks! I’m an idiot and, for some reason, missed what was right in front of my face! :face_with_monocle: