Uc irvine appeal 2025

I got rejected from my dream school UC Irvine and I will do whatever it takes to get in. I really want the 4 year experience at UCI but i’m not sure how to write a good appeal letter. It says new information but we’re in a pandemic so nothing much can even happen. The only new thing is that my mom lost her job so I work a lot more hours including shifts from 4-10pm on school days while being able to maintain at least a 4.0 gpa each quarter. I guess another new thing I didn’t mention is how strong my ambition is and my desire of succeeding. Other than that I pretty much listed everything on my UC application and I don’t know what to do. I know you shouldn’t appeal unless you actually have new information but I want to take all the chances I can get to get into my dream school. How do I write a strong appeal with the lack of new things that happened?

Are you in the SoCal area?


Did you end up writing the appeal?

hey have you guys heard anything back yet? i appealed as well and am really anxious :sob:

I haven’t heard back but I’m really not expecting much

Didn’t they say decisions will be released 4-6 weeks after April 15? It’s been 6 weeks and I haven’t heard back.

According to their site, appeal decisions for freshmen applicants will be out by June 1st. If they keep to the timeline today should be the day.

Just got an email this morning. Appeal was denied.

I got the email a few minutes ago, and I got in! Good luck to everyone else!

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What was ur major?

I applied for information and computer sciences but I got my alternate major which was criminology