UC Irvine CHP

<p>Is the Campuswide Honors Program (CHP) offered to the top applicants/students of UCI or are they given to students who are most likely to attend uc irvine?</p>

<p>And what are the chances of a student who was accepted into chp to get into top tier uc's like la and berkeley?</p>

<p>just got a letter (email) telling me that I have been selected to become a member of CHPS ...</p>

<p>it said CHP serves talented and highly motivated students in all majors and approximately 180 out of 3,900 first-year students each year ...</p>

<p>I have not heard from other schools I applied, but my preference is
1) CalTech
2) UC Berkeley
3) UC Los Angeles
4) UC San Diego
5) UC Santa Barbara
so actually UCI is sort of a safety school for me
and all the others will not start notifying students until mid-March (I hate waiting)</p>

<p>but I heard UCI is a really good school rank 41 by US News nationwide ...</p>

<p>yeah me too..</p>

<p>are you planning to attend the honors experience day?
and so im guessing they offer the chp to more qualified students considering your top choice is cal tech!</p>


<p>igot that too. Its my safety as well. Cal and ucla r my tops</p>

<p>Irvines one of my safeties too and I was accepted CHP today too. I visited in the summer and its pretty nice there. I like the big park in the middle, and the campus is circular. MY one BIG knock on irvine is that its a commuter school. Still waiting on more schools my top choices are 1) Notre Dame 2) UVA 3) USC/UCLA</p>

And what are the chances of a student who was accepted into chp to get into top tier uc's like la and berkeley?


^good question, does anyone know the answer?</p>


<p>I am planning to go on March 5th because I will not know if I will be admitted to the other school, but I think there should not be a problem to get into UCSB ...</p>

<p>I'm a senior in high school applying for UCI school of nursing this coming fall, and hoping to get into the campus wide honors program</p>

<p>4.59 weighted GPA
3.77 unweighted GPA
(had a 4.83/4.0 last semester of junior year.. do they look at progress/improvement?)
taken 3 AP's so far, taking 4 next year </p>

<p>2020 SAT - pretty sure I can get it up to 2150 - 2200 by october
still have to take SAT II's </p>

<p>-neuropsychiatry research intern at UCI medical center
-intern at blind children's learning center
-volunteer at the local hospital
-president of Red Cross club</p>

<p>do they look at the whole package? or just the academic performance?
what do I need to improve on to have a better chance?</p>