UC Irvine Class of 2025 — Regular Decision

Now that the UC application submission filing period has opened, I have posted a thread for discussions regarding the UC campuses. Please post any questions of interest in regards to the specific UC campuses and the UC application process.

Best of luck to all.



I was wondering if anyone got the applicant portal login information from UCI. I got an email from UCI 3 days after submitting my application that they received my application and they will send portal info in mid-December. Today is 20th December and I have not received any email from them regarding the applicant portal. Anyone??

I don’t have it either

none here either. Still waiting on UCR too.

Same here. I received an email saying they received my application 6 days after submitting it, but I haven’t gotten any instructions for accessing the portal. I applied to 4 other UC schools and have gotten portal information from all of them.

I called the Office of Information Technology this morning at 949-824-2222, gave my Application ID number (found in UCI’s email with subject: UC application confirmation), name, & DOB. The representative was able to provide my UCInetID, as well as my ID number.

You can go to the portal and create your account


My son got an email with the portal link yesterday.

Yeah same here

UCs said they received my application December 5, still haven’t gotten UCInetID, should I call too or wait for the email?

I think you should be fine just waiting, but if you want, you can email them

I got the email about my UCI portal info just yesterday.

I got my UCR portal like a week ago.

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I actually just got my portal information today. Don’t forget that we can apply to scholarships through the portal, guys

So for the UC application, I did not enter my ACT test score (not too good and couldn’t retake because of COVID) but when I checked my UC Irvine portal, it has my ACT test score. None of the other UCs have it. I just hope it doesn’t impact my application, but is there a way to let them know not to consider it?

All UC schools are test blind this year.

What is the typical timing for admissions notifications? I read somewhere that a small number are notified in mid-Feb, but the remainder are notified late March? Is that accurate in previous years?

Last year there were some early acceptances on 2/13 then the bulk of the admissions on 3/20 with some waitlist and rejections sent in the weeks after 3/20. Irvine admissions seem to frustrate people as they release in somewhat random batches and a lot of people are left waiting and wondering. Decisions might be 3/19 this year if it Friday again unless it’s delayed a bit due to increased application numbers.

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Legally the admission officers are not allowed to see it.

does anyone know the past dates from last year and the years before that UC Irvine admitted people early because they got into the honors college? I know it’s February but I can’t find the dates thanks, guys!