UC Irvine Class of 2025 — Regular Decision

Thank you milkndhoney for your reply. Didn’t realize UCI decisions are coming out so soon.

Hi I’m new to all this but recently all my friends got an early admission to UCI honors. I was looking through my email and saw that I had gotten an invitation to the honors college in January, and to let them know i was interested. I didn’t fill this out as it was lost under other emails so I was wondering if me not letting them know I was interested would let them know not to consider me for it. I also have no emails from UCI about being accepted yet so not sure how to feel.

Not filling out the Honors college interest form should not have any bearing on if you are admitted to CHP or not. It was more informational and CHP along with Regents is determined by Major department.

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Thank you for this reply, even if I don’t get into the program it makes me feel better knowing that it wasn’t my simple mistake that made me not get accepted.

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Sorry to reply, and not start a new thread but I can’t seem to do that from my phone.

I was wondering if there were any EA’s for Honors or Regents for Political Science majors?

You have to check the Stats only discussion to see if anyone posted. **UC Irvine Class of 2025 decisions (stats only)**

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I see there have been a number of folks awarded the Regent scholarship last week. Congrats to you all! Question. Does anyone know when they will announce the Chancellors Excellence and Director’s scholarships? My son has been accepted as honors in CS, but was not awarded regents. Holding out hope there’s still a chance to be awardees the other 2… Thanks in advance!

Oops. See now that the Director’s scholarship is for OOS. Nevermind that. But I’d still like to know when they’ll announce the Chancellors one, which just appears to be less $ than the Regent version… Please correct me if I’m mistaken. Thanks!

Have they announced the Director’s Scholarships yet?

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sorry if this has already been asked but if i wasn’t admitted on Friday is there no chance for me to get into the honors college? i mean as a first-year applicant, i understand that i can qualify later if i attend without it.

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hi thank you so much! just posted my stats on there. my close friend also applied for uci nursing and will be hearing back later this month too, i wish you the best of luck and i believe in you!!

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thank you so much @MumofCollegeBound ! after i saw your reply i went on to post on there and sent you a message. but i just wanna say that your daughter very very well has a chance, i seriously was convinced i was going to be rejected but you really never know what life throws at you. i am confident she’s going to end up at a great nursing program, at any of the schools she applied to. two of my close friends are also waiting on decisions for uci nursing, i think they typically come out the third friday of march but we don’t know. overall, she is very fortunate to have you by her side helping her out with the process. again thank you, good luck to your daughter!!

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@CWYc1a552025Mom thank you so much! I apologize for my late reply. I had received an email on Friday around 6:30pmish.

Thx so much, you’re too kind!

Hi – my daughter applied to the School of Arts also (dance), and has heard nothing yet. I’m not terribly surprised, as they had a lengthy zoom audition (almost 5 hours long) just a few weeks ago and I’m certain it takes some time to make decisions. Her audition went very well.

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Thank you for sharing your experience - I hope your Daughter hears some great news soon! :slightly_smiling_face:

For everyone still waiting for decisions, do you have a UCI Student ID in your portal? I don’t think this Student ID # was there before but I could be wrong.

(P.S. Not the UC Application ID)

Nevermind it was there haha. This wait seems to be taking a toll on me😅

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Has anyone heard from the Psych department yet? Waiting anxiously