UC Irvine Class of 2025 — Regular Decision

where on the portal?

The portal says “Applicants who were not offered their primary or alternate major may have been admitted to Undergraduate/Undeclared so that they can pursue their choice of major once enrolled.

When they say “their choice of major” what do they mean? Do they mean another major? I wish they would be more straight with their language.

waitlist boi

Does anyone know???

i cant withdraw my app, so maybe…

It’s totally unscientific poll time!

Good luck to everyone!

still no update I swear :stuck_out_tongue:

In the applicant status portal, under status, it will say your status

Accepted. In-state, English major
UW 3.98 W 4.8 (not sure about UC calculation) 9 AP’s


where’s the status part

did u just hear back?

What time were you accepted?

D waitlisted 5:00 PM.
International Studies
unweighted is 3.90
UC GPA 4.38
UC Capped is 4.29

I can’t see the word status anywhere!! Sorry I’m extremely worried rn ugh

Under Applicant Checklist

@petilon: What they mean is that you can take your choice major pre-req courses and maintain a specific GPA to try and switch into the major later. My advice is if you have a specific major you want to pursue and you have a direct admit at another school, then consider that school over UCI Undeclared.


All good, it’s under Applicant Checklist. Should have a green checkmark next to received if that’s the current status

doesnt say status there

wait what?! not there for me

I got an email that there was an update on my portal at 4:22.