UC Irvine Fall 2021 Transfer Thread

Hello I’m currently in my second year at cc and I’m filling out my TAG application for UCI fall 2021 and I just wanted to ask what are my chances of getting in.
Preqs: done
IGETC: done
60 units: done
Gpa: currently 3.8
Sociology major!
Also does anyone know if I have to take calc. Even though on assist it is a requirement alongside stats. UCI is the only school that requires calc as a prerequisite which is odd for a sociology major no?


not sure about the question about calc but I would take it just in case. Also I love your username LOL

I’m applying to transfer to UCI for fall 2021 from my CC I’m so so so nervous because I honestly don’t want to go anywhere else. I’m a drama major and I have really strong essays I’ve been involved in ALOT at school, volunteer work will have finished my. Gen-Ed by the end of this semester (fall2020) and have 2 AA’s but I’m just worried about my Gpa it’s only at 3.0 and my transcript looks so ugly but I’ve retaken classes that I needed to with at least a B but just worried about the appearance of my Transcript and that my GPA isnt high enough.

Hello everyone!

I was wondering if anyone got the applicant portal information from UCI yet? I got an email from them 3 days after submitting my application that they received my application and they will email me the portal info in mid-December. Today is 20th December and I still have not heard anything from them. Anyone? Thank you!

@SalmanTurjo I’ve been wondering the same thing! I keep checking my spam/trash and nothing under “UC Irvine portal” has come up. All I know is that they have received my application. I think I’m going to wait until the end of the week before asking the admissions office about this.

Hi guys, have anyone received the email about the application portal from UCI yet?

Yes I just did!!!


Yes, finally I received my UCI applicant portal info yesterday.

When did you guys submit your applications? I haven’t received my uci student portal info yet. I got the email about them receiving my application but nothing since.

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@Jknina23 I submitted my application November 25th.

I haven’t received mine either. I submitted Dec 1st.

I submitted my app the Thursday before the extended due date (I think the 3rd), and received my login on the 23rd.

Does anyone know when decisions start to come out for TAG applicants? I forgot but I think last years was around early april?

I’m fairly certain it’s like a couple of days before normal applicants. So I would say early April is a good guess based on last year.

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honors results For freshmen is coming soon. Last year it came out 2/13 I guess.
Do you think honors result for transfer applicant comes soon too?

What are you all doing to keep yourself from freaking out about admissions decisions? All of the decisions for the CSUs I applied for were released, but the UC decisions feel a lot more high stakes if that makes sense? I already have my TAU turned in, but I’m like… panicking :heart:


I CAN RELATE SO MUCH!!! I keep checking my UCI portal as if I can find some kind of clue of my acceptance, I’m so stressed!!! THE IDEA THAT THEY COULD BE LOOKING AT MY APPLICATION AT ANY SECOND IS CRAZY!!

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I wish the CSUs and UCs sent decisions closer together. Hearing back from the CSUs in February and waiting for the UCs until the middle to end of April feels so long…


Anyone who is sophomore transfer applicant here?

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Seriously man. It annoys me so much. Especially since the SIR for CSU’s are may 1st and the UC’s SIR is june 1st. Kind of a small window to decide where you want to go.