UC Irvine Fall 2021 Transfer Thread

TODAY IS THE MF DAYYYYYYYYYYY! Also hypothetical question: is appealing a tag rejection a thing especially when the tag is supposed to be your backup? LoL

Yeah for my own mental sake I kinda just established that I’d check April 16th for UCI and April 23 for the rest lol.

Can I ask what is MF day?
Just curious😅

I see…
That make sense…totally

Hi! I applied to UCI as a CS major so I don’t do TAG. But seeing the Admitted/Enrolled range from last year scares me so much because it’s 3.90/3.86-4.00 and I only have 3.85 after the TAU Update and they don’t seem to admit a lot for CS major too. If I do get on the waitlist, what are the chances of getting off if anyone knows? Thank you

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Ahhh no worries hahaha it just means “motherf***in day” bc I’m that nervous.

Hello all,
My sister is applying to Irvine next year from a CCC and she was wondering if there is any possibility of getting in without completing the 2 calculus prerequisite classes? Her gpa has constantly been a 4.0 so she would most likely be going into applications with a 4.0 gpa.

Depends on her major. If they are on assist.org and listed as major prep required for transfer then it’s a requirement.

if it’s a preq and on assist then i’d say she should take it to give her a better chance of getting in. having a good gpa is one thing but also meeting their preqs are too! good luck to her :))

from what i heard, appealing tag is a thing ppl do regularly, and also successfully

They were using the initials to stand for the profanity expression,” Mother Fu…”.

See you all in 8 hrs hopefully


has anyone heard of H2H students that were admitted that did not hear in early April?

Sure, it happened last year. The first batch was a mix of TAG, H2H, and regular decision folks. At least, that’s what it said on Ask Ms. Sun.

Regular decision too? Are you sure?

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is today just for H2H or also TAG as well

Should be a mix

i see thank you
GL everyone


So regents comes out separately or do the acceptances with regents come out later?