UC Irvine Fall 2022 Transfer Thread

This might be a bit late to start a UC Irvine transfer thread, but feel free to add updates!


Anyone apply as a sophomore transfer?

Hi everyone, I know that UCI H2H is known to admit in April, but I got an email from a counselor saying that we might hear back from them as early as March. Can anyone verify this?

I remember last year’s transfers got their acceptance letter the first week of April. So I’m not sure if it will be earlier this year.

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Just wondering if any of you are already a sophomore from another UC and applied for a transfer to UCI?

I am a first-year student in community college, but I will be transferring into Junior Year at UC Irvine if given admission, due to my credit count. Anyone else in the same situation?

Hi, I’m in the same situation as you! I’m a first year and will have 63 units by the time I transfer to UCI (if accepted). I’ll be a psychological science major with a 4.0 (excluding the grades from this spring semester) so by the time the spring semester ends I might have a 3.8 if I get a few B’s. I’m pretty sure I have a good chance of getting in considering my GPA and my major is one with the highest acceptances (75-80% I believe), but I’m still worried they’re not going to accept me since I’m very close to the 60 units cutoff and I only have less than a year’s worth of CC units (24 out of 63 units were from AP). May I ask what major you applied under?

I will be at 62 units all from CC due to dual enrollment during 12th grade and going over the limit for each term at the CC itself. I am a Business Economics major with I believe a 3.85. Only thing im worried about is not being IGETC certified though optional. The units itself you should not worry about because the minimum aka the requirement is 60 semester units and the maximum you can transfer is 70 therefore anything 60 to 70 aint bad. Small range so yup!

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I just got an email from University of California (email subject is Your UC application, immediate response requested) requesting me to submit my unofficial transcript. Did anyone receive the same email?

Are you freshman or transfer?

Hey, I’m a sophomore transfer from a community college. Feel free to PM me!

hii less than a month til results and im so scared : (
applied to Humboldt, UCSC, UCSD, UCI
Major: Psychology
Gpa: 3.74
Extracurriculars: off-campus job, psych TA, some past internships not relevant to psych (unfortunately my university doesn’t have much endowment in the area + I had to work, which I mentioned in my essays)
Job experience: worked 25-35 hrs a week
Fasfa/income bracket: 0 EFC, PELL recipient
State/Country: CA resident, though attending an OOS private
Any extra strengths or any important weaknesses?: Began college at 14, I’m currently 16. Raised by a single mother, CA resident, first gen immigrant
TAG: no, but IGETC completed (I think??), and prereqs for psych
super nervous as im not a calcc transfer

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I applied to UCI with the TAG.
Major: psychology, adt
GPA: 3.94
Work: 40+ hours a week as assistant manager for past 2 years
Volunteer: Animal shelter/cat fostering
Credits: around 70
I have all my prerequisites done and am a California resident. Just got rejected from SDSU, seems like it’s gonna be a tough year for transfers and psyc majors so I’m very nervous.
I also applied to UCSD and UCLA. I have gotten into CSUSM, CSULB, Cal Poly Pamona, and UCR so far. Good luck everyone!

ah gosh you’ll def get in. btw transfers are down 12% this year so i think our odds are pretty good :))

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I hope so:)

Kind of in a similar situation, I’m a first year but did all 60 units this year (23 fall, 10 intersession, 27 this current spring)

Cool what major and stats? Also, what do you plan on doing if you don’t get in, since you would be done with all or most units. Because that is something I am not sure for myself too.

probably a gap term and re-apply for spring, hoping i don’t have to cross that bridge… philosophy and 4.0 gpa.

bro how did you do 27 a semester?? that’s amazing

Major: Psychology B.A.
GPA: 4.0
Extracurriculars: Working 20 hr/wk at emergency department, volunteering at a nursing home, filmmaking, became EMT certified in the summer (where I can now work on an ambulance etc.), UC Berkeley Starting Point Mentorship Program, UCLA CCCP Scholars Program, Board Member for 2 clubs
TAG to UCSB, Honors to Honors for UCI, and UCLA TAP
IGETC completed already in the fall
One-year transfer student, ~25 units from AP and dual enrollment, 11 units in the summer, 21 units in the fall, currently taking 23 units.

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