UC Irvine TAG Now 3.2

<p>UCI</a> TAG Criteria for FA 2012-13. 06-28-11</p>

<p>suuuuuuuuccccckkkkkssssss. :( anyone 2012 potetntial UCI transfers?</p>

<p>I got in without TAG. Just make sure you are up to standard when you apply and write a good personal statement.</p>

<p>^ glad it all worked out for you</p>

<p>this should be a sticky</p>

<p>i think the gpa requirement should of have been done earlier like UCSD for student who were planning to tag and were very close to the gpa cut off. Since it comes so late into the summer schedule students cant take class now to meet the requirement.</p>

<p>^very true</p>

<p>I got in everywhere I applied(UCI, UCSB, UCR, CSULB, CSUF) without TAG.</p>

<p>had a 3.6ish GPA though. Just don't slack. Provided that you aren't a STEM major, there is little reason to have below a 3.5 under most circumstances. If you can't pull off that in easy LD classes, you'll be crushed when the competition ratchets up. Crushed means under a 3.0</p>

<p>bump for those who dont know</p>

<p>@Xelink i would say the competition for spots at UC's are MUCH harder than when you applied. </p>

<p>Just look at the current situation. </p>

<p>The start of recession was 2008 , in most recession people often go back to C.C to get an degree and/or transfer in most cases this lead to a flooding of C.C's as we witnessed.. Add in cutbacks in enrollments at UC and less C.C less i would say the average transfer time is around 2-3~ years now at a C.C so that leads to a massive influx of new applicant for 2011-2012.</p>

<p>The only plus side with TAG being a higher GPA and adding in the restriction to only tag to one school this should free up a lot more spots for people that actually want to attend a certain college rather than taging for everyone. This should lower the "admitted" student count from last year but time will tell</p>

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<p>the people that transferred this year don't realize how lucky they are, really.</p>

<p>pretty much who ever applied this year got freebies into UCSB/UCD/UCSD(REALLY FREEBIE)/UCI i dont count UCSC/UCR/UCM cause they take anyone</p>

<p>i know right? It was kind of ridiculous that you could get guaranteed admission into a UC just by having a B average in community college.</p>

<p>it was a flat 3.0, but i think with uci though they should of either gave the super early warning like UCSD or waited till next year. 2/3 weeks into summer session they announced the increase screwed alot of people who were on the boarder or were safe</p>

<p>bump again for those who aren't aware. (but should be by now)</p>