UC Irvine vs UC San Diego for Mechanical Engineering?

Hai! I got rejected from Berkeley, UCLA (waitlist) and Stanford…so these two are my top choices now. (I don’t know why I’m saying this but I feel a bit sad about it lol)

Anyways, I know UCI is a a lot more urban and UCSD is like relaxed and slightly socially under. Correct me if Im wrong but UCSD engineering is better than UCI? Any ways I just wanted to see if there were more things that are verified about them from students attending them rather than impersonal sights.

Facts about me to see what kind of fit I am, I’m photographer/video guy that would like to be in the LA area for that as well as hip hop dancing. I’ve never been a party guy but I like trendy city places as well. I probably fit the UCI area more but I want to study at the better program as well. I will be going for a visit soon but I just wanted a heads up from you guys!

Don’t feel too bad yo a lot of great students didn’t even get into UCI/UCSD. Appreciate your accomplishments and what the future holds.

UCI is in Orange County, not LA itself. It’s not a long drive, but the area around the university is much less urban than that surrounding UCSD. UCI is also one of the UCs which is considered less socially active than UCSD on account of it being more of a commuter campus. UCSD is located closer to nightlife in Pacific Beach and a large city in downtown San Diego than UCI is (UCI is 40 miles from the center of downtown LA).

San Diego is a pretty nice city and UCSD’s mechanical engineering program is ranked much higher. There are a lot of mechanical engineering jobs in the area. You can also drive to LA on weekends if you really want to: it’s only about an hour further than UCI would be (a large commitment either way)

My company’s mechanical engineer is a UCSD grad and doing very well here. He transferred from a CC in NorCal (3 years at each school). Studied and surfed.