UC Irvine Waitlist Discussion Class of 2025

Thank u~ Where did u hear from?

LOL so Gavin Newsom is the Admissions officer at all the UC’s an Cal State’s?

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Well, it’s more so of a guess based off recent rumors…

Most people suspect the waitlists are delayed because of Covid, housing, and unknown policies regarding the state of California. California reopens fully on June 15th, so I’m confident that we’ll get something around then…

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Is anyone else’s UCI applicant portal is down/ not working? I have tried on various devices and it’s not working anywhere. I only noticed this tonight… either it is a glitch or they’re preparing portals.

Same here. Doesnt work

yes me too - i came here to ask…I hope it does not mean rejection???

This is what I found online with the portal down. Not sure what they mean by “degradation” but my guess is that this was not intentional?

^ this also happened on the 7th apparently with another portal on their website.

Same here. Only changed/happened a couple days ago, because I’m pretty sure it was working fine earlier this week. Now it not only looks different, but I can’t login or get a stale request.