<p>Hey Everyone, i am applying to the UC's but i do not see a journalism major available. I was sure the schools have journalism programs, but i just dont see the majors. Does anyone know what they are called or if they do have a journalism majors?</p>

<p>I dont know about the other schools, but UCLA does not have a journalism department or major. (I'm relatively sure most, if not all, the other UC's don't have them either)
However, we do have the newspaper with the third highest circulation in Los Angeles :) - basically, the Daily Bruin is our journalism department. Most people who are interested in journalism major in English and work for the the Daily Bruin.</p>

<p>ucsc doesn't have journalism either, they cut it this year because of budget cuts.</p>

<p>you can major in literature or writing or something like that. anyway, real newspapers don't like people who majored in journalism, they like people who know other things.</p>

<p>Well UCI has a literary journalism major, but I don't think thats what you want. Cal Berkeley has a graduate school of journalism but thats for grad students only.</p>

<p>It's not a UC, but San Francisco State has a journalism major within the College of Humanities. In general, SFSU has well-respected communications and creative arts departments. The broadcasting major is an impacted major.</p>