UC Merced admissions?

<p>does anyone know how many undergrads were actually admitted to uc merced? and is anyone planning to go there?</p>

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<p>it doesn't seem like anyone from here is planning to attend.</p>

<p>did anyone even get rejected??</p>

<p>smileyface: i've heard of some people getting rejected</p>

<p>I heard on the local news that UC Merced recieved an unexpectedly high amount of applications, so I'm sure there must have been some rejections.</p>

<p>Aye on this side.</p>

<p>San Jose Mercury News about 2 months ago published a news article about this year's amount of applicants. 100,000+ students from the class of 2005 applied to UCs... the highest ever. I'm proud of our group! But anyway, also in the article, a rep from UC-Merced spoke and said that they got 9,000+ applications, so officials were surprised at the amount of interest in the new campus.</p>


<p>j.project: that's pretty cool, and kinda sucks for us (the record number of UC applicants... making it just that more difficult and competitive = ie lots of surprise UCLA upsets, etc), but i'd want to read that article. any way you have a link or know the title?</p>

<p>wow, 9000? did they only accept the 600 undergrads as they stated on their site?</p>

<p>They should've accepted the majority of them unless they didn't realize that many are using Merced as a backup.</p>

<p>I was rejected :-( they said that I didnt meet the deadline or something.</p>

<p>Yes, they accepted only 600 making it more selective than Harvard. J/K. They accepted everyone who met minimum UC standards.</p>

<p>Found a link, except that it isn't the SJ Mercury News source. The SJ article is an archived article from February (not 2 months as I thought it was), but you have to be a paying member to have access, so I found the next best thing.</p>

<p><a href="http://vocuspr.vocus.com/VocusPR30/Publish/14442/Forward_14442_944574.htm#10125840"&gt;http://vocuspr.vocus.com/VocusPR30/Publish/14442/Forward_14442_944574.htm#10125840&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>I hope when people look at this it will still be up. UC statistics are really interesting to me, for some reason. Yes, observers attribute the surge in applicants to the new UC Merced campus. If people are really serious about pursuing the article I posted but isn't available anymore for some reason, it's from Fresno Bee, titled "Merced campus outlives its critics" by Jennifer M. Fitzberger.</p>

<p>The archived SJ Mercury article is titled "Number of Seniors Applying to UC System Reaches Peak" by Lisa M. Krieger. A snippet of the article has been shown, but it only shows freshman year applicants, which apparently reached 76,152. The snippet didn't include the number transfer applicants, I'm guessing.</p>

<p>Again, WOW. 100,000+ applicants is an amazing number.</p>