* UC Merced BS/MD Program

Any one Applied for BS/Md (SJVPrime+) Program at UC Merced

If you did, I would be interested in hearing about your experience. How was (or wasn’t) the application different from the general UC application?

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I think a LOT of us would be interested in hearing more about this. That part of California needs an educational medical program that targets agricultural toxins and diseases.

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I applied and waiting to find out about the next steps. wanted to hear form others who are in same boat

Here is the school’s web page on it:

The associated medical school is UCSF’s Fresno campus, although the first 1.5 years of medical school (pre-clinical) will be on a UCSF campus to be built at UCM.

Student’s undergraduate major must be biological sciences, bioengineering, or chemistry (in one of the specified tracks).


Good to know!
My dd’s UCSF campus was the Parnassus site in the city.

SF is a long way from Fresno and Merced. They really need it out there! I will pass along the information to the students.

Edited to add: I didn’t “comprehend”, initially, that preference goes to locals. Makes complete sense! I will let my Sis-in-Law know to pass it on to Central Valley kiddos:

  • Preference will be given to applicants who are residents of and have ties to the San Joaquin Valley*,
    (high school students residing in the foothills, Salinas, and Greater Central Valley will also be considered)
  • Must be applying as an incoming first year (freshman) student for the Fall 2023 semester
  • Have a minimum overall UC GPA of 3.6
  • Must meet the University of California admissions criteria and submit an application to UC Merced by November 30, 2022
  • Must enroll in one of the qualifying majors (Biological Sciences, Bioengineering or Chemistry and associated track) and maintain strong academic standing while at UC Merced.
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Hi! I did apply too. I submitted my supplements early december but I haven’t heard anything back since. Though I did vaguely recall they were going to send the next steps around January regarding recommendation letters but that didn’t happen.

Edit: I wasn’t a part of their preference area either, I’m from the central coast.

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I applied. They had mentioned. Only selected students would be invited for next step which included submitted LOR by 1/31. So more than likely not selected.

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Does this pathway give preferential admit to UCSF-Fresno med school from UC Merced? If it doesn’t, I’m not sure what the benefit of this would be, other than getting extra help with med career counseling along the way. I heard UCSF has one of the highest GPA/MCAT score requirements out there.

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That’s the most ridiculous assumption they making.
They assuming the high school students from their do md from UCSF Fresno and would practice in the area.

Do all these high school students go to UC Merced and work in San Joaquin ?

What were the supplements?

It is an auto admit. It is new. 12 students are accepted/year.

From the FAQ:

Acceptance into the SJV PRIME+ BS/MD Program includes conditional acceptance into the UCSF School of Medicine upon completion of pre-determined program milestones

More info:


There were a total of 8 supplemental questions, 4 of which were directly from the personal insight questions found on the UC application. The remaining 4 were related to community, learning outside the classroom, describing an experience in your life and one regarding passion towards medicine.


That’s the best premed program out there.


Thank you for sharing. I have been following this program since it was first announced a couple of years ago. I’m glad to see students applying. Good luck!


my friend said she got an interview invite 2 days ago. she had a lot of underprivileged community service. any ideas on how many people applied / are invited for interviews? i’m assuming that they are basing it more on the focus of the program (serving underserved populations) rather than gpa/stats – but I may be wrong

when is her interview

no idea, she said it just asked to confirm if she’s going to do the interview or not

Was it for this program?

I thought they weren’t doing any interviews? It’s not listed on their website. Are you sure it’s for this program?