**UC MERCED CLASS OF 2023 Applicant and Discussion Thread***

okie is the site down for anybody else? can’t access my portal… :frowning:

I can’t either rip

site down for us as well.

Make sure you keep refreshing!!! My portal finally worked, accepted !!!

Computer Science and Engineering

D got accepted to Computer Science & Engineering. Stats posted to the other thread. In-state.

accepted, poli sci. 1200/25 scores. lots of ecs. 4.1 uc gpa

Accepted on 3/08/19 at 6:31 PM
Major: Computer Science and Engineering.
UC GPA: 3.33
SAT: 1380
Pretty mediocre essays (in my opinion)
Not that great/significant of EC’s

Can any of y’all see the my.ucmerced.edu site, because right now it keeps crashing and it’s giving me anxiety D:

When will Decisions be rolling until? Because I still have not received my decision.

Still waiting as well. Called to office, but they did not have any new information beyond - “Rolling Notifications” - but suspect if haven’t received an Accepted by now - not good. Good luck nonetheless.

@magswags what are your stats?

Pretty good essays
GPA 3.7
SAT 1280
Sports and some community service.
Accepted into Monterey, Oregon, and Sonoma. Was hoping for uC Merced but thinking No due to lag time.

Folks, do you know when Merced usually sends out offers to students who are eligible for the statewide path ? Thank you in advance

@OnPinsAndNeedles: I believe referral notifications go out Mid-april. Just an FYI, not all ELC eligible applicants whom have no acceptances to the UC’s will be get a referral and not all referrals will be accepted by UC Merced.

Thank you, as always. When referrals go out are the students notified ? And when should they expect the final offer ? Thanks again

@OnPinsAndNeedles: Here is a link for FAQ’s on the Count me in program. Last year, the notifications went out the week of April 6th so they should be coming shortly.


Hey guys, I just created a group on Facebook so we could connect. If any of you are still looking at UC Merced or already SIR’d , please join the group, UC Merced Class of 2023. When more people join we can come together to ask and answer questions, look for friends, and find potential roommates. Thank you

Folks, if you get admitted through the referral program please kindly post. My son was rejected to UC Irvine, Davis, Santa Barbara but waitlisted at UCSD so I am not sure he is eligible for referrals. I sent Email to ask and they said the emails went out last week. I called the Admissions office and some guy answered that they are considering if they still participate in that program so no emails come out yet. It would be good to know if someone who did not apply to UC Merced got an offer from referral.
Thanks again and good luck to all

I got the Count Me In email last week. Waitlisted at UCI and rejected everywhere else I applied to.