**UC MERCED CLASS OF 2023 Applicant and Discussion Thread***

Use this thread for questions about UC Merced and post your stats on the official UC Merced Decision Thread.

anyone get accepted yet?

Still waiting…

“Your undergraduate application is currently under review.”

Well, decisions won’t be made over the weekend so you can relax until Monday at least.

What’s my chances?

UC GPA: 3.27
SAT: 990
Major: Earth Sciences

President of 2 clubs, did an undergrad level research poster for my AP Environmental Science Class, did a program at the state capitol

AP Classes: AP Environmental Science (1), AP Art History (2), AP Stats (current), AP US Gov (current), AP Macro (Current)

@bavosh: This is a discussion thread and it would make more sense to start your own thread to be chanced. If you can start a separate discussion on your chances, it would be much appreciated. Once I see your thread, I will delete this post.

Thank you from the UC Forum Champion.

does anyone know when decisions are supposed to come out? I know they said early March but does anyone have the specific date?

@kachung: No specific date but they are usually rolling throughout the month.

We haven’t heard anything yet. Mechanical Engineering. ACT: 33 GPA: 4.2 from central California.

A lot of UC Merced ‘Admission Decisions’ seem to have been posted last night/early this AM…

My son just got accepted. His first UC. I’m so happy for him. Mechanical Engineering. ACT: 33 GPA: 4.2 from central California.
Best wishes you you all!

Our daughter was accepted, as well.

UC GPA: 3.7
SAT: 1040

Major: Sociology

From Far-Northern California

@Flournoy_Parent @xitedparent: Please post all decisons into this thread please to help current and future applicants. Congratulations to all.


son just got accepted into CS this afternoon. WGPA 3.96 SAT 1490( 780 math).

@getintouc: Please post your stats and all pertinent information in the decision thread: https://talk.collegeconfidential.com/university-california-merced/2129463-uc-merced-class-of-2023-decision-thread-stats-only.html#latest

I was accepted this morning, but I decided to decline.

Major: Environmental Engineering
UC GPA: 4.1
SAT: 1370
ACT: 30
Good ECs.
Great essays.

Acceptances from Cal Poly SLO, Cal Poly Pomona, CSULB, LSU, UCR, SDSU, and SJSU.
Rejection from Colorado School of Mines.


Major: Mechanical Engineering
UC GPA: 3.63
ACT: 34
Good ECs.
Really good essays.

I got in today

Accepted 03/08/19
Major: Undeclared
UC GPA: 3.42
SAT: 1330
Good ECs.
Great essays.

Acceptances from CSUF, Cal Poly Pomona, CSU San Marcos, and SJSU.
Rejection from CSULB, SDSU, and UC Davis