Now that the UC application submission filing period has opened, I have posted a thread for discussions regarding the UC campuses. Please post any questions of interest in regards to the specific UC campuses and the UC application process.

Best of luck to all.

I got in for psychology!!!


Admission Decision still pending at the moment. We shall see.

Got in for Biological Sciences!

All students, please post your decision and related stats here. Thank you.


Congrats! I think UCM is a really nice school. Modern curriculum, new campus (campus size doubled this year), semester system, etc. A friends daughter just graduated from the Public Health program- she loved it there.

HAHA thank you, but I’d rather go to riverside, but thank you!

You sounded so excited about the UCM acceptance! Regardless, I wish you the best.

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My daughter got in this morning for Psychology, as well as UCR. We are still waiting for a few more schools before we decide, but we are about an hour from UCM and it is a great school!

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My son just got an email saying to check his portal about a decision. He went there and it said it had to send him a code. He hasn’t gotten the code yet, 20 mins later. Has this happened to anyone else?

This is happening to me as well. Has it worked for you yet? I’m still waiting and I tried about three more times.

No he hasn’t gotten one yet. Good to know it’s not just him. Fingers crossed for both of you!

I’m glad to know it’s not just me either. It’s probably slow because there’s prob thousands doing the same. I’m wishing your son the best!

Yeah my portal has been pending still.

For UC Merced Portal, may I know how to check the status? After I clicked “Review Admission for Fall Semester 2021”, it only showed Application Summary. Not giving me any status update. Thanks!

It took 2 hours for the code to show up in his email, but he finally got it. He was accepted! Let’s hope more good news follows from other UCs so he can have some tough choices to make. We visited Merced a year ago last November and were very impressed, between such a small and brand new campus and the professors that seemed very accessible. I think Merced has a lot to offer!


My son was accepted for Materials Science Engineering.

We think it is great school and academic program, and are very pleased with this decision.

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I got in a couple days ago as an Economics major! My stats were not that good but I still got in!


Congrats. Were you able to visit?