*****UC MERCED DECISIONS 2022*****

Haven’t seen one of these so I thought I’d make one!

@plantnerd Thanks, I was waiting to see if anyone will make one! UCM just posted decision!
My DD just got accepted at midnight! So excited, but don’t want to wake her up and tell her.

I was just admitted for Biological Sciences too!

Admitted! BA Economics.

Did anyone not get their decision?..

Try the portal. My son did not have an email this morning but had decision.

I was admitted undeclared of natural science !!! Good luck to everyone

I’m anxiously waiting for my son to check his portal! Congrats to all that have been accepted.

Admitted into CSE. No email. Just checked on portal

Just admitted for biological sciences

Admitted for Political science!!!

anyone accepted received emails?

I got an email a few hours after I checked my portal that said my portal status had been updated

I did not get a update yet. Does that mean I will most likely get rejected?

@sendhelp4me: UCM’s decisions are rolling through out March. No decision means no decision so do not read anything into it and try to be patient.

@Gumbymom Do they do batches once a week or is it completely random?

@Qazwsxomar: Based on past history, they post around once a week.

I got my acceptance yesterday!

My son was admitted according to his portal Wednesday night. As a biology major. However we don’t feel this is going to be the right fit for him as he likes to be in a larger city. I also cannot fathom how he will have enough internship opportunities in the field that he wants to go into (ophthalmology ) being in Merced which is predominantly an agricultural area only an hour and a half away from Yosemite.

Did anyone get admitted who lives in the Los Angeles area?