Uc Merced or Uc Riverside or CSU Fullerton?

I have a 25 act score (I know it is very low) and I have a 3.5 combined GPA Ffor 10th-11th grade…I have 3 C’s and 1 D for the second semester of Honors Pre Calc…Since I have a D, does that mean I basically have very little chance of getting into a UC? Thank you

UCR/UCM: High Match/Low Reach
CSUF: Match/High Match

Much will depend upon your intended major for all the schools and how your D will be viewed by admissions. For the UC’s, essays and EC’s are considered so having leadership in your EC’s and amazing essays could give you a boost.

Average UC GPA last year for UCR: 3.77 UCM: 3.61
Average ACT last year for UCR: 25 UCM: 24

What is your Math score on the ACT? You should consider retaking in Sept.