UC personal statment promt 2

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<p>Tell us about a personal quality, talent, accomplishment, contribution or experience that is important to you. What about this quality or accomplishment makes you proud and how does it relate to the person you are?</p>

<p>As a child watching the great martial artists such as Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris, etc, I always wanted to know how to the cool moves that they do and became great martial artists just like them. Little that I know martial arts is more than the moves and the kicks, and the cool looking tricks. It's about focus, discipline, honor just to name a few. Martial arts didn't just become a mere after school activity that I do, it became my life.
I am proud of martial arts because it was able to change my life in three ways: confidence, self motivation and physically. Martial arts really helped me on confidence because knowing that I am able to do things that most people cannot do I feel confident that I can get through any obstacle that comes my way. Before martial arts came into my life my confidence level was horrible. For example, every time I went up in front of my class my palms would get sweaty and my voice was harder to understand. Now my voice is louder than before, but sometimes people can’t hear me, but I am improving on it and now I feel comfortable getting in front of an audience, whether it is in front of my class at school or demonstrating a technique in the studio. And now that I have the opportunity to teach in front of the class my confidence is getting better with each class I teach. If martial art never came into my life I would never have had the opportunity to teach, and thus never would have improved my confidence, especially in public speaking.
Martial arts helped myself motivation because I feel I can achieve anything my heart desires. Being able to do these cool tricks and kicks really helped with myself motivation, because I know that Before if I could not be able to do anything and the first I fail I just quit and never try at it again, but now I motivate myself to try even if I fail at first. For example, I am currently learning how to do the 540 kick, which takes a great deal of self motivation. I constantly fall down every time I try to land the kick. However, because martial arts has help me with my confidence and self motivation, I get up and try to do the kick again, and hopefully with practice and self motivation, one day I will master the kick. My physical ability was horrible before martial arts. I may have asthma and flat feet but that’s not an excuse, I just never tried at P.E. Now I have more active I try my best and a got a lot faster. I went from a thirteen minute mile to about eight, nine minute mile and I am trying to get faster than that also.
All of things that martial arts have to offer really relate to the person that I am. I believe that without honor and a proper value system, a person cannot be genuine. I practice all of the values like honor, integrity, respect, just to name a few, in my daily life. The three things I have mentioned above is also embed into my DNA now because of martial arts. I cannot go a day without introducing myself to a new person, telling myself that I can do anything that I want, and working out. The reason why martial arts relate to the person I am because martial arts is who I am.</p>

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